Date: April 5, 2016

As mobile commerce continues its surge, this year’s Mobile Payments and Fraud Report reveals critical findings when it comes to how online retailers are managing both payments and fraud mitigation on mobile devices. Last year found that retailer support for the mobile channel was not meeting industry predictions or expectations.

Have retailers caught up to mobile commerce growth and are they equipped with the right tools to fight specialized fraud targeted to the mobile channel? Attend this webinar to get a sneak peak at this year's results before they are published and see what’s trending in the mobile industry.


  • Current issues impacting the mobile channel
  • Adoption of mobile payments
  • Mobile commerce fraud trends
  • How merchants are minimizing fraud


  • Don Bush, VP of Marketing, Kount
  • David Montague, Founder, TheFraudPractice
  • Steve Casco, Chief Executive Officer,