Every second of delay at checkout impacts your conversion rate.

Customers want their checkout experience to be easy and frictionless. With online payments, simplicity wins over creativity and your fraud controls should work seamlessly with real-time approvals or declines. Swap a clunky checkout process for an uncomplicated customer experience. Eliminate distractions to create a clearer path to purchase, and lead to more conversions overall.

Watch this webinar series to learn how to leverage payments and fraud detection to accept more orders with confidence. We’ll discuss:

  • Top barriers to mobile purchasing
  • How to simplify the checkout process
  • Different technology features used to fight fraud
  • Strategies to reduce false positives


George Elipoulos
George EliopoulosNorth American Sales Manager
Brad Stevens
Brad StevensManaging Director


Melayna Gabiou
Melayna Gabiou Senior Marketing Manager