Fraud follows the money and the home decor market is a prime target with it’s continued year-over-year growth expected to garner $664 billion by 2020.

Growth in this segment is expected to continue to rise as technology and consumer expectation of fulfillment and speed increase. These factors open the door to a variety of different fraud tactics specific to home and kitchen merchants. Don’t let fraudsters capitalize on your success!

Read this eBook to learn about:

  • Trends related to the home decor market
  • Factors impacting fraud in home decor
  • Fraud techniques that impact home decor merchants
  • The true cost of fraud to home decor merchants

“Our chargeback rate dropped from 0.47% to 0.05%, losses from fraud went down 70%, chargeback dollar amounts decreased 79%, our decline rate dropped 10% to 4.49% - which means we’re approving more orders - and now I’m the only person conducting manual reviews”

Brittaney Cox
Director of Internal Resources