Learn how operators are incorporating 11 online fraud-fighting strategies into their gameplay to land more whales while busting more sharks.

Online gaming and casino businesses are concerned about abuse of bonuses and promotions, of account takeovers, fraudulent payouts and new account creation, and rightly so. Fraudsters are utilizing increasingly sophisticated tools and attacks come from too many directions to employ ad hoc tools or platforms that are easily gamed by fraud rings. Learn the warning signs and find out how you can fight back with strategies that will help you lower fraud losses, decrease fraud mitigation costs and most importantly, boost sales.

Read this eBook to learn about:

  • Key fraud trends impacting online gaming and casino businesses
  • Sales growth and mobile penetration of global gaming networks
  • Fraudster psychology, habits, tactics and weaknesses
  • Eleven fraud-fighting strategies

“We cut our rejection rate by 50%, increased our conversion rate on longer-term membership subscriptions…while holding our chargeback rate to 0.2%.”

Dave Parrott
Fraud Manager