Reduce Chargebacks and Protect Your Bottom Line with Kount’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud Fraud Prevention

Kount helps businesses boost sales by reducing fraud. The all-in-one, SaaS platform simplifies fraud prevention by applying patented machine learning through a proprietary solution offering maximum protection for some of the world’s best-known brands. Companies using Kount accept more orders from more people in more places than ever before.

Why Use Kount to Beat Fraud?

  1. Comprehensive fraud prevention built for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
  2. Reduce chargebacks, false positives, manual reviews, and declined orders while increasing your top line revenue.
  3. Increase accepted orders, sales channels, and international coverage.
  4. Frictionless & Automatic – Kount can automatically accept or decline orders in under 300 milliseconds.

What Makes Kount Unique?

  • Control – With Kount, online businesses are in complete control of approving or declining their orders.
  • Transparency – Every detail about each transaction is available for review and reporting.
  • Accuracy – No other fraud mitigation platform is more accurate than Kount. None.
  • Data – Kount has access to and creates more unique data points than other solutions.
  • Patented, Proprietary, Comprehensive – Kount owns and controls its core technology stack, backed by dozens of patents.
  • More Revenue – Accept more valid orders, from more places around the globe.