Implement the strategies discussed in this webinar to turn chargeback losses into wins.

Chargebacks are rising 20% each year and friendly fraud has increased 41% over the last 2 years. Allocating time, resources and using the right data makes representing chargebacks a last resort for reducing chargebacks. The good news? Leveraging the right solution providers can make chargeback representment an easy process and make your fraud team look like modern-day heroes with all that found revenue.

Watch this webinar to learn how a merchant went from zero chargeback representments to over a 70% success rate within 60 days. We’ll discuss

  • How to reduce chargebacks related to criminal and friendly fraud
  • How chargeback representment can change bank and customer behavior
  • A case study of how much ROI you can gain from fighting chargebacks
  • Benefits of the Kount and Chargebacks911 partnership


Monica Eaton-Cardone
Monica Eaton-CardoneCOO and Co-Founder
Jennifer Johansen
Jennifer JohannsenDirector, Risk & Compliance
Don Bush
Don BushVP of Marketing


Melayna Gabiou
Melayna GabiouSenior Marketing Manager