Learn strategies to strike at the heart of fraudsters’ attempts and neutralize their main tactics.

Fraud is getting harder for the good guys and easier for the bad guys. As merchants have dozens of rules to follow related to fraud and chargeback management, fraudsters have only two rules; 1) make money and 2) don’t get caught. Don’t be reluctant to pursue criminal charges and take action by sending a message to underground fraud rings.

Attend this webinar to learn what is needed to pursue and submit charges for criminal prosecution. We’ll discuss:

  • Investigation and due diligence for building a case
  • How to send a message to fraudsters
  • First-hand success stories for criminal prosecution
  • Fraud detection strategies to assist with catching a fraudster


Chad Evans
Chad EvansManager, Ecommerce Investigations
Skip Meyers
Skip MyersDirector of Loss Prevention
Micro Center
Don Busy
Don BushVP of Marketing


Melayna Gabiou
Melayna GabiouMarketing Director

Who should Watch?

Payment Managers, Fraud Managers, Risk Managers, E-commerce Managers, M-commerce managers, Finance Professionals, IT/Operations