Nearly 4 in 10 declined cardholders report that they abandoned their card after being falsely declined.1

Too often, false positives go unnoticed as online merchants perceive them as successfully thwarted fraud attempts. Yet false positives have a major impact on a merchant’s revenue including lost sales, wasted acquisition spend, brand damage, and more. Today’s savvy criminals make it tough to decipher good vs. bad transactions. And while it’s absolutely reasonable for merchants to fear fraud, it’s not reasonable to allow overly risk adverse fraud strategies to result in declining legitimate orders.

Watch this webinar to hear results, commentary, and first-hand experiences related to a survey conducted about the state of false positives. We’ll discuss:

  • The complexities of tracking false positives
  • Average false positive rates across different industries
  • Strategies to prevent and measure false positives
  • How a fraud management solution should reduce false positives, not create them


Stuart Ward
Stuart WardFraud / Loss Analyst
AMC Theatres
Josh Johnston
Josh JohnstonManager of AI Science
Josh Johnston
Justin McDonaldSenior Risk Management Consultant
The Fraud Practice


Mike Bryant
Melayna GabiouMarketing Director

Who should Watch?

IT/Operations, Payment Managers, Fraud Managers, Risk Managers, eCommerce Managers, mCommerce Managers, Finance Professionals