With nearly 7 billion data breaches since 2005, it’s no surprise account takeover fraud has increased as much as 112%.

Criminals using weaponized data to steal from merchants is on the rise. In Q4 2017, 43% of login attempts were from bot-driven, credential stuffing attacks. Gaining fraudulent access to someone’s account can be detrimental to a merchant’s brand loyalty and lifetime customer value. It can be particularly lucrative for criminals that find saved credit card information or a high value of loyalty points to make repeat stolen purchases.

Attend this webinar to hear the latest strategies to detect and stop account takeover fraud. We’ll discuss:

  • The evolution of passwords and why they’re vulnerable to fraud
  • Criminal strategies used in account takeover fraud
  • Strategies to detect malicious bots and other fraudulent behavior
  • Newly released Kount technology to thwart account takeover fraud


Sven Hindman
Sven HindmanProduct Owner
Kevin SpaffordFraud Analyst
CD Baby
Niclas HjelmMarketplace Safety Manager


Melayna Gabiou
Melayna GabiouMarketing Director

Who should Watch?

Payment Managers, Fraud Managers, Risk Managers, eCommerce Managers, M-commerce Managers, Finance Professionals, IT/Operations