Learn about the latest manual review benchmarks and strategies to improve accuracy by as much as 75%.

Manual reviews are often the first line of defense employed by merchants when card-not-present (CNP) fraud levels or chargebacks increase. While manual reviews can be easy to implement, they are often the most time consuming and least scalable fraud mitigation technique. The inaugural State of Manual Reviews survey was launched in partnership with Paladin Group to assess metrics and best practices for eCommerce merchants.

In this webinar, we’ll dive deeper into the results of the survey and discuss:

  • Benchmarks and metrics for manual review strategies
  • Common challenges as they relate to the manual review process
  • Manual review trends across different sales channels
  • Strategies to optimize the manual review process


Lani Lautoa
Lani LautoaLP Systems and Fraud Manager
Gymboree Group
Jamon Whitehead
Jamon WhiteheadCo-founder and Principal Consultant
Paladin Group
Melayna Gabiou
Melayna GabiouMarketing Director


Melayna Gabiou
Ally CorsettiMarketing Coordinator

Who should Attend?

Job titles including Payment Managers, Fraud Managers, Risk Managers, E-commerce Managers, M-commerce managers, Finance Professionals, IT/Operations