“Our industry has to do a better job of sharing. The more we can call out known fraudsters, tactics and techniques, the better off we’ll all be.”

- Scott Adams

Scott Adams has been at the front lines fighting fraud in the world of online games as former Director of Fraud and Risk Management at Riot Games. As an expert and leading consultant in the space, publishers and operators seek Scott’s insight when building their fraud prevention strategy. Kount asked him to share his industry expertise and insights for combating fraud in the online games market.

Read this collection of Insider Hacks and learn how to block bad players and keep the game pure, some of Scott’s tips include:

  • Techniques to identify synthetic IDs and bot play
  • Strategies to engage players while frustrating fraudsters
  • Two-sided defense to block fraudsters from your network
  • Using data to protect legit players from account takeover
  • Easy to implement tweaks to reduce friendly fraud and chargebacks